Desktop Faxing

The MultiTech FaxFinder® fax server is an all-in-one appliance that delivers faxes to a recipient’s email in-box or network folder so they can be accessed via personal computer, laptop or mobile device, or printed on a network printer. Outbound faxes can be sent using a Web client or through Microsoft® Office applications. One FaxFinder® fax server can eliminate the need for multiple fax machines and Multi-Functional Peripherals (MFPs) in executive offices, in each department and in regional or remote offices.



Avaya – Contact Center Software

With the Contact Center Express suite, mid-size businesses interact with their customers using phone, email, text, instant messaging or SMS.  Avaya’s proven ACD technology processes all multi-media channels, routing requests to the appropriate agent, who can reply using the same contact method. Contact Center Express integrates with Avaya Communication Manager and Avaya call center solutions, allowing businesses to leverage their existing investments.

Contact Center Express delivers intelligent routing, built-in reporting and Microsoft® CRM integration, contact management, and support for self-service applications. Powerful development tools, out-of-the-box applications, and wizards for agent and routing rules reduce the need for additional software development.

Maximize the value of every call > Delivering consistent, personalized service across multiple channels allows your call center to build customer loyalty and identify more cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Improve efficiency Contact Center Express software’s multi-channel support makes it easy for agents to handle all of their inbound and outbound contacts quickly and accurately.

Investment Protection – Leverages existing Avaya Communications Manager, Call Center Elite, Call Management System, and Voice Portal investment and common industry standards to minimize incremental resource needs.

Avaya Contact Center Brochure


Teleworker Solutions

IP Office Teleworker provides small businesses with powerful communications tools to enable home and remote workers to be just as accessible and responsive as employees who work in the office. Available with IP Office, Teleworker allows small businesses to expand their labor pool by enabling people to work remotely – wherever that may be – with the full array of office phone capabilities.

Avaya IP Office Teleworker