Tip N Ring offers a Hosted Solution called Integrated VoIP Office (IVO). IVO is a virtual receptionist, switchboard, and call center for either a standard office or a virtual office.

How it works:

  • Your company is given a local number and/or toll-free phone number
  • Each employee is assigned an extension number in the system
  • Employees tell the system the phone number(s) where they can be reached
  • Calls are automatically answered by the IVO System
  • Callers select the employee with whom they wish to speak
  • The system routes the calls to the appropriate phone
  • There is no PBX hardware to install, maintain or upgrade
  • No Maintenance, No Warranty; TNR does it ALL


The business phone system that means big business

If your company is already handling a lot of calls, you’re going to need a business phone system that can keep up. Your ideal system would allow an unlimited number of extensions, would never ring busy, would improve productivity with CCC queuing, would constantly update itself with all the latest features without your involvement, and would keep costs under tight control. The IVO Corporate Service offers it all.

Work anywhere, go anywhere, and still get your calls

Since the IVO phone system can connect calls to any phone, anywhere in the world, you can:

  • Set up a virtual office, with employees telecommuting from anywhere
  • Integrate multiple offices under one central phone number
  • Have calls follow you when you travel, via cell


Callers get a professional business greeting from the IVO receptionist, while employees are free to work where they are needed.