RIGHT NOW! TODAY! – That is what the customers want in today’s complex communications world. Businesses need the services of true voice and data visionaries who can use the technology of today and tomorrow and transform their business goals into reality.

Tip N Ring does that and more. Once our architects design a solution to meet your vision, our implementation team goes to work to get the job done RIGHT. Our teams are led by some of the best voice and data experts, who have years of hands-on experience. Our staff of hand-picked company experts excel at finding creative solutions to the little hurdles that may arise, while maintaining due dates for key deliverables. Just as no two designs and quotes are the same, neither are two implementation projects. Deployments of voice and data networks in today’s environment require the fine art of using a repeatable, yet flexible process on projects, despite their differences. While each project will have key elements in common, TNR has the experience, vision and fortitude to fit those variable elements tailored to your business together with industry best practices to form a new project that makes sense for your operations and your budget.

Even a small-scale implementation effort requires the attention of skilled voice and data engineers, all of which can impact the efficiency of your transition. We strive to make this transition truly seamless, from ordering the appropriate parts to drawing up a maintenance plan for their longevity. A Tip N Ring NAP Project Manager, will work with you each step of the way and keep you apprised of the progress of your project throughout its life. Step by step using phone, fax, email, and web you are constantly updated about your project whether we are installing a single line or an entire data center. Our Implementation Team will leverage our MAC-PAK multi-step process to ensure your Implementation truly does transform your communications vision into reality.