Tip N Ring, Inc. was founded on the notion that managing your business' communications should be a simple part of a business' operations. To that end, Tip N Ring has established itself as your one point of contact for all of your telecom, voicemail, and data needs. 

As a leader in the industry for over two decades, we are a trusted communication convergence company, capable of providing services to your company no matter the size or scope of project or location.  We take pride in being able to provide reliable solutions to a company of one to multiple site national accounts, from projects to ongoing technical service, with our wide array of products and services. Read More

Tip N Ring designs telecommunication systems and solutions tailored to meet your organization’s key operational needs.

The first step of the Design & Assessment Service is our no-obligation business solutions evaluation, which is free to 1st time customers. This evaluation is where we have one of our professional technicians come to your business and conduct a thorough site survey and equipment/line audit. This will not interfere with or disrupt your operations. It will determine what your current networking and telecommunications equipment consist of and what cabling is already in place.

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Tip N Ring has created custom solutions throughout the nation involving Voice, Data, and Video components. As a communication convergence company, Tip N Ring, Inc. can also design and implement your entire data infrastructure. From cabling to network setup and maintenance, wired and wireless, local and remote, we pride ourselves in providing solutions that integrate your data and voice requirements into one seamless system.

It’s not just about getting your information from here to there anymore. Wireless and mobility options, virtualization, and security best-practices have all reached “must consider” status when designing, upgrading, or simply maintaining your data network solution.

TNR Networking Specialists understand how to best leverage the challenges of each of these critical elements so that all levels of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) coexist for your critical information assets. Our end-to-end design, implementation and support services are backed by the highest levels of support from the top network technology companies.

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Tip N Ring is a Full Service Provider of Low Voltage Wiring Services, or structured cabling for solutions that integrate all of your communication needs into a single, efficient system. No longer must you maintain separate systems for voice, data, internet, fax, email, file and print sharing. Increase productivity and reduce costs by utilizing cutting edge technology in your office.

We specialize in the installation of Structured Wiring Systems for the distribution of all requirements related to Voice, Video and Data in Office and Campus environments.

We also provide wiring for Intrusion Detection, Fire Alarm, and Intercom/Paging Systems, as well as wiring for Point of Sale and Data Collection Systems.

Our expertise in these types of low voltage wiring systems extends to inside and outside plant installation and Fiber Optic Cabling.

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Tip N Ring offers a Hosted Solution called Integrated VoIP Office (IVO). IVO is a virtual receptionist, switchboard, and call center for either a standard office or a virtual office.

If your company is already handling a lot of calls, you’re going to need a business phone system that can keep up. Your ideal system would allow an unlimited number of extensions, would never ring busy, would improve productivity with CCC queuing, would constantly update itself with all the latest features without your involvement, and would keep costs under tight control. The IVO Corporate Service offers it all.

A solution that is simple to manage and enables your whole organization to work anywhere, go anywhere and still get your calls.

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Our RMATS (Remote Maintenance And Technical Services) team specializes in maintaining your system without the expense of sending a technician to your site. This team consists of certified telecom and network professionals who can take care of many of your service needs remotely, ensuring quick response and keeping your system up and your costs down. Our RMAT team can assist you 24/7/365.

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If you are in business, Tip N Ring is geared to help your business grow. Whether it’s a new system, maintenance, additions to existing systems, or questions about technology improvements, Tip N Ring can help. Our systems are designed and implemented for businesses to work smarter, not harder. Looking for telephones, computers and video solutions? Are you looking for creative avenues to be more competitive in their market space? Tip N Ring works closely with each individual business keeping those same objectives in mind. We realize that your satisfaction is the result of meeting, and in many cases exceeding those objectives, while delivering the highest level of customer service.

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